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a scooter

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Q: What is the best skateboard for street skating?
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What is the best skateboard for bowl skating?


Which is the best skateboard?

In my opinion 'Blinds' are the best for my type of skating.

How hard should wheels be on a skateboard?

for street skating, they should be relativly hard id say 99-101A

What is the difference between a 7.5 inch skateboard and a 7.75 inch skateboard?

a 7.5 inch board is less wide and is made for street skating because you can flip it better

What skateboard brands are best for vert skating?

Elephant brand skateboards or Dogtown skateboards.

Why did they name it a skateboard?

=they named a skateboard a skateboard cause you are simply skating on a board I think that's the answer=

What is the best street skateboard?

plan b , baker, almost

Is skateboard one word?

Yes skateboard skateboarder skateboarding skater skating

When you first buy a skateboard what do you do?

start skating..

Is a 8.25 skateboard deck ok for street skating?

it all depends on your feet size and what you are comfortable with. street skating usually has thinner decks so you can olly higher, if it is thin enough for you it should be fine. also for street skating get 50-54 inch wheels, and low trucks I recommend destructo or krux downlows. Also you should purchase Bones reds bearings they are a steal for the cost you pay for them $15. Good luck making a street skating board. 8.25 is fine for street skating.

How do you know what skateboard is right for you?

it depends on your skating style.

Im 18 years old and just beginning to skateboard you were wanting to know what is the best length for the skateboard?

test them out not any ones that are to little for you or to big for you but when you go to your shop stand on the deck and see which one you like best depending on if you skate vert or street you could start with a 7.5 width deck. that's the best for all around skating.

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