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it depends on your skating style.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-28 04:55:06
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Q: How do you know what skateboard is right for you?
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Does girls have the right to skateboard?

Anybody has the right to skateboard. you just have to start

How do you find the right skateboard?

to find the right skateboard you would have to go to multiple different stores and test them out and pick the perfect skateboard.

Is a Kryptonics skateboard a real skateboard?

yes it is you just have to get it from the right place

How much concave is right on a skateboard?

whatever feels good, just stand on a board ayou like and feel it, youll know.

Can a skateboard be invisible?

go watch the invisible skateboard section of the video "Yeah Right" by girl

Do you need education to skateboard?

no you do not really need to be educated to ride a skateboard. all you really need to know about the skateboard is how to ride it and do tricks and have good enough balance

Does Niall Horan know how to skateboard?


You are eleven and just beginning to skateboard you were wanting to know what is the best length for the skateboard?

signed:a kid that knows about skateboarding

Can Selena Gomez really Skateboard?


How do you jump onto a curb on a skateboard?

i do know

Does rob thomas know how to skateboard?


How do you put the skateboard on build A bear ville?

first you go to town square. then you get a skateboard (its not free) you click something on the bottom right. between the notepad and the cellphone. you click on the question marks you will see the skateboard. hope this helps!

What math do you need yo know to skateboard?


How do you know if your skateboard is fake?

Plastic trucks usually or their is no concave on the deck

Does Princeton know how to skateboard?

yes became he cute.

Should you learn how to skateboard before you learn how to snowboard?

You don't have to know how to skateboard before snowboarding, but it makes it a lot easier.

What foot goes on the front of a skateboard?

left if ur right handed right is ur left handed

What type of skateboard does Rodney mullen have?

he skate for almost right now

How do you turn left and right on a skateboard?

move your feet fowrard and backwords

Can you use skateboard wheels on a ripstick?

It is a bad idea to ripstick and skateboard wheels are very different but i don't know if it would work but it probably wouldn't.

How do you know he is a skater guy?

If he is often seen using a skateboard.

How do you know where the nose of your skateboard is?

the nose is bigger than the tail

Does johnny Knoxville know how to skateboard?

No he's very uncoordinated

How do you turn on a skateboard?

Leaning can turn you. Lean right turn you to the right. Using the tail of the board can turn you too.

What force acts against the skateboard and slow skaters down?

Friction... Right?