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Q: What sports the least competitive?
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What are competitive sports?

All sports are competitive

How competitive are sfsu sports?

They Are Very Competitive

Why are people competitive in sports?

The reason people are competitive in sports is because they enjoy it more than others

What are the two most oldest competitive sports in the world?

Cricket and Football are the oldest and competitive sports of the world.

What percentage of people in the US plays sports?

62% of males play competitive sports in America. 48%of females play competitive sports in America.

Is Italy competitive in sports?

Yes. Italy has several popular sports in which they are very competitive. The most popular being football (soccer).

Is Australia competitive in sports?

yes it is

Are sports getting more competitive?

yes are people suppose to get less competitive!

What is people attitude when they play sports?

Competitive Attitude

What percent of kids play competitive sports?


Which sports did women participate in?

Competitive sandwich making

What are the 2 most competitive sports in the world?

Soccer and Baseball