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Cricket and Football are the oldest and competitive sports of the world.

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Q: What are the two most oldest competitive sports in the world?
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What are the most competitive sports in the world?

football basketball and other sports

What are the 2 most competitive sports in the world?

Soccer and Baseball

What are the two most competitive sports in the world?

Football - Soccer is the most competitive sport in the world, followed by Lacrosse, which was played by the American Indian Tribes, The Huron and the The Iroquois.

Is Italy competitive in sports?

Yes. Italy has several popular sports in which they are very competitive. The most popular being football (soccer).

What are the oldest competitive sports?

Most people think soccer was one of the 1st, but really, sports from greek games were the 1st sports, specifically raid war, raid war was a game to test knowledge and power in greek times, the winner would be granted a powerful crown

What is the world's most competitive industry?


What is the most oldest religion in the world?

Definitely Hinduism is oldest religion of the world

Top 3 most popular sports in the 1920s?

In 1920, there were several competitive sports being played. The top three sports being played the most were baseball, football and basketball.

Is tae kwon do the most competitive sport in the world?

No, football (also known as soccer) is the most competitive sport in the world. It has (by far) the most competitors, the most fans and the most sponsors.

Why is soccer a competitive sport?

The roughest sports is the most competitive because players are always in action. Goals are what they live for and they do not like to give them up,so they foul and that is what makes it so competitive.

What is History of Philippine Sports?

Basketball is most popular and oldest surviving sport.

Is soccer the most competitive sport in the world?

According to many other websites it is the most competitive foot sport and 6th most dangerous sport

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