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It is called the barre.

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Q: What is the wooden bar used for ballet practice called?
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What is the the wooden rail used for ballet practice called?


What is the bar used in ballet called?

A barre is a stationary handrail that is used during ballet warm up exercises .

Are pointe shoes hard to get used to?

They aren't hard to get used to if you practice on a regular basis and try not to miss ballet classes.

How is ballet used for today?

Ballet is used, how ballet is used!

What is the Parallel position in ballet?

6th position, it's rarely used. Normally it's used in class to practice certain steps.

What is the wooden ku foo tool used as a substitute called that's used for practice?

I think you are referring to the Wing Chun Dummy, which is used for practicing Mook Jong from the Kung Fu style of Wing Chun.

What are those wooden things called that were used to hang people?

The wooden frame from which people were hung was called a Gallows or a Gibbet.

What is a ballet company called?

Edouard Borovansky (24 February 1902 - 18 December 1959) was a Czech- born Australian ballet dancer, choreographer and director. After touring with Anna Pavlova's company, he and his wife settled in Australia where they established the Borovansky Ballet company. This company provided the foundation for modern ballet in Australia and was subsequently used as the basis for the first national Australian ballet company, The Australian Ballet which was established in 1962. 2)Russian ballet is a form of ballet characteristic of or originating from Russia. In the early 19th century, the theaters were opened up to anyone who could afford a ticket. There was a seating section called a rayok, or 'paradise gallery', that consisted of simple wooden benches. This allowed non-wealthy people access to the ballet, because tickets in this section were inexpensive.[1]

What is the term used when you turn 360 degrees when you do ballet?

It's called a pirouette.

What is wooden stick used in India as weapon called?

a wooden stick used as a weapon in India or a spear,bat or even a dart

What is the name for the wooden block used for Beheading?

The wooden block used for beheading is called a "guillotine." It was a device commonly used for execution by beheading in the past.

What is a wooden float called?

A wooden float used in construction and masonry work is typically called a "wood float" or "hand float." It is used to smooth and level wet concrete surfaces.