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It's called a pirouette.

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Q: What is the term used when you turn 360 degrees when you do ballet?
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Where did the term ballet come from?

The word ballet comes from french every word used in ballet is also said in french

What is the term used in ballet for the lead dancer?

The principal

9 letter word ending in ette?

pirouette (term used in ballet for a full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot)

How is math used in ballet?

The degrees of the foot placement, spins, the distance.

How is ballet used for today?

Ballet is used, how ballet is used!

What is the ballet term for down?

Well in French, the language in which ballet terms are used, down is "en bas," but a basic ballet move that goes down is a "plié." I'm not sure which one you're looking for.

What is the masculine of ballerina?

The term "danseur" is a French term meaning "male ballet dancer." Just as "danseuse" is the female equivalent. And the term "ballerina" actually is an Italian phrase for the PRINCIPAL female ballet dancer. But it has since been used by now to label ANY female taking ballet. Still, just as "ballerina" is a female ballet dancer--"ballerino" is the male equivalent in Italian.

What is the crossed arms in dance term?

Bras croise is a dance term that means crossed arms. This is a dance move that is often used in ballet.

How do you ballet pelvis?

Your pelvis is used in ballet..

Rail used for practising ballet?

The ballet term is "barre", though if you say "rail" people who speak English rather than pretentious nonsense will be more likely to understand you.

Explain how the factors can be used to work out what fraction of a full turn is 40 degrees?

explain how the fractions can be used to work out what frction of a full turn iss 40 degrees

Are saxophones used in ballet?

Sometimes, but not a lot. Rarely are they used in ballet.

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