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"Danseurs, Ballerino or just... male Ballet dancers.

Some just call them heroes, pioneers... or very, very brave for what they do."

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Q: What are male ballet dancers called?
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Do male ballet dancers go on point?

I think that male ballet dancers CAN go on point. I know that females can. So why not men?

Is it true that all ballet dancers are womens?

No its not true at all. There are many famous male ballet dancers.

What is a male ballerina called?

Because you said "Ballerina" that means the top ballet dancer in a company. There can only be one Ballerina in a company. The male counterpart would be called a Danseur Nobel. Other male dancers would be called Danseurs, or by their rank such as Principal, Soloist or Corps de ballet or just ballet dancer. The same goes for the other women in the company. They would be just called ballet dancers or by their rank. Never a Ballerina.

Can ballet be performed by men and women?

Yes, there are many male ballet ballet dancers; such a Mikhail Baryshnikov.

What is group of ballet dancers called?

Corps de Ballet

Are male ballet dancers cool?

Everyone had different opinions

What is it called when ballet dancers do splits in the air?

When ballet dancers do the splits in the air it is usually called a spilt leap or a center leap.

What is the spin that ballet dancers do called?

It is called a pirouette.

What is a group of ballet dancers called?


Is a ballet dancer stronger than a rugby player?

Ballet dancers and rugby players are strong in different ways. I think that male ballet dancers might be stronger but it's hard to judge

What are male and female ballet dancers called?

In French, males are called "danseur"; females are called "danseuse." In Italian, males are called "danzatore;" females are called "danzatrice."

Why do male ballet dancers not have to perform 'en pointe' like female dancers do?

Boy dancers do not practice en pointe. It was made for women. It is more feminine. Male dancers do more jumps with beats in them.