Can ballet be performed by men and women?

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Yes, there are many male Ballet ballet dancers; such a Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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Q: Can ballet be performed by men and women?
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How did ballet exists?

Ballet exists because of the french court Men only did Ballet they even dressed up as women!

Why did men first do ballet?

For just the same reason as women.

Who did ballet?

lots of people did ballet men boys women and girls of all ages but you had to be strong to be a ballerina !

Did ballet originate from men?

Yes. Women were not "allowed" to perform on stage

What kind people performs ballet?

Anyone can really. Men and Women around the world take on the difficult art of ballet

What do you call ballet tights?

Ballet tights are called 'ballet tights' or 'dance tights'. Ballet tights for women are thinner than those designed for men since they are worn under leotards.

Did Degas enjoy painting men or women?

His most common subject was ballet dancers.

Why is ballet important to France?

Ballet originated in France in the 1600's as a classical movement of the body made to entertain the King of the time. Originally, men danced on pointe as well as women but then it got too hard for men to dance in and everyone agreed it didn't suit a man's build. By the 1800's, ballet dances that are still performed today had been choreographed making ballet very popular and entertaining.

Why were men exluded from ballet at one point?

They weren't. It was women who were excluded. Men played the female parts during this time.

Why did they make ballet?

ballet was not made but created for pleasure and to give women or men who do it elegance and grace . it is also a form of exercise and can help your balance and posture

Did men or women perform in Shakespeare's plays?

men performed in Shakespeare's plays not women because men thought women weren't good enough

Why is ballet so famous?

Because it is so beautiful to see men and women have such a strong form and they are so graceful. If you did ballet then you would know why it is so famous.

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