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Q: In ballet what do you call the movement where the leg is extended straight out from the supporting leg with the foot fully pointed?
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How do you do a cheerleading straddle?

Straight legs, toes pointed, shoe laces pointed back.

Does it matter which way a rocket is pointed for it to escape from earth?

No but if it is pointed straight up, it will take less fuel.

What are the basic rules in doing fundamental gymnastics?

straight legs and pointed toes

What properties of rectangle do the square have?

Pointed edges and straight sides. That's all I can think of.

Gymnastics floor start positions?

1. lay on floor with knees bent and hands to the side 2. standing. one knee bent, back bent forward a little, hands crossed in front 3. lay with your left hip on the ground, left leg bent, right leg straight, left arm extended and straight, right arm bent. 4. sitting, left leg extended, right leg bent up to chest, arms in front in any position 5. standing, right leg straight, left leg crossed behind right leg( toe pointed under), left arm opposite left toe, right arm pointed to left toe, looking at left toe 6. on right knee, left leg extended straight, bent over with arms pointing to toes 7. on right knee, left leg extended straight, leaning back so your whole body is at an angle, right arm by ear, left arm opposite.

How do you draw a pentegram?

A pentagram is the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes.

What is a pike stretch?

Sit in the floor with your legs straight in front of you and together with pointed toes. Lean your torso over with your arms straight out reaching for your angles.

What does it mean when a girl points one foot toward you and the other is pointed straight ahead?


What are some words that and phrases that describe a square?

Pointed, Angular, Quadrilateral, Straight, Right Angled, Sharp

What is pointed toes in gymnastics?

Pointed toes in gymnastics is when you extend your toes as far away from your leg as possible. The toes will squeeze together naturally some, and the foot will have an arc shape to them. Pointed toes makes an entire leg look more extended and makes for better form while performing in gymnastics.

How many toes does a fetal pig have?

The fetal pig has 4 toes, pointed straight down, as these are what it would walk on.

A diagram of how to set the timing on a 05 aveo?

you need to line up the arrows on the cam gears(both pointed to the middle, and the crank gear pointed straight down toward the notch in the timing cover.

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