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Although people may think of Ballet as a sport, surprisingly and technically dance is a performing art, not a sport. However, dance as well as specifically ballet requires energy, you also have to make it look easy and flawless, which makes it harder than all sports. This is because dance and ballet is not done to win but to become stronger and entertain. Those who compete might be able to say it's a sport, however this isn't the primary idea of ballet. Ballet is generally known as an art form because of it's beauty and style, this is the same with many other styles of dance.

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Q: If ballet is a dance and dance is a sport does that mean ballet is a sport?
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What are the differences between ballet and fencing?

ballet=====dance fencing======sport

Is Jazz Ballet a sport?

Of course! All types of dance are sports.

What is ballet mean?

the word ballet comes from the Italian 'ballare'-- to dance or to move

Why would a guy do ballet?

A male may do ballet if he is interested in learning a beautiful art. If a gut does ballet or dance it does not mean he is gay. Dance and ballet can be alot of fun, even to a male.

What have to do in ballet to win?

In ballet, it is not about winning. You merely dance as a sport or to enjoy it! I have danced for 11 years, and I enjoy it. Life isn't always about winning!

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

What does ballet mean in French?

It is the same as in English; they both represent the style of classical dance. 'Ballet' is originated from the word ballare in Latin, meaning 'dance'.

Is dance a common sport?

Yes dance is a common sport because many people do it and there are many types of dances and studios. There is tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical, breakdance, folkdance, and acrobats.

I am 14 and weigh 170 pounds Am I too old and fat to dance ballet?

If you 14 and weigh 170 pounds, then you are too old and fat to dance ballet. Overweight does not mean you cannot dance.

What does choreography?

a choreography mean the art of creating and arranging Dance Or Ballet

Who was the first ballet?

Wait, what the H**l do you mean? "Who was the first TO DANCE ballet?" or "WHAT was the first ballet?" The first ballet (at least ever recorded) was "Le Ballet Comique de la Reine." And as for the first ever to dance... well, that hasn't been put on record either. Sorry...