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My favourite sport, Lacrosse

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Q: What ball and stick sport has long and short corners?
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What is the sport of hurley?

The sport of you refer to is called Hurling, not hurley. It is a uniquely Irish game. Played with a stick and ball, it is a fast paced game, much like an airborne version of hockey (if you can imagine that). You can use the stick to hit the ball. Hands can be used to pass the ball, though not throw it. Its called a hand pass and is useful for short distance or if someone is hooking u ie uses there stick to stop you swing with your stick. See the related question below.

Why is NASCAR popular?

It's all about the love of the sport.. and if you don't understand that, then stick to stick and ball sports.

What kind of sport was played in the 1750s?

SPORTS OF STICK & BALL e.g.-Golf,Baseball

What kind of sport words start with t?

Tennis. toli which is a form of stick ball

What is the sport played in south Florida on a court with a hard ball an curve stick to catch and throw the ball?

Jai Alai

What are some alternative items that could be used in a ball and bat type of sport?

A stick and a pine cone?

What sport do you need a cue stick to play?

Snooker or Pool

Is Shinty a skin disease or a Scottish game?

It is a Scottish sport, played with a stick and ball, a bit like hockey.

What is camoige?

Camogie is an Irish stick and ball sport played by women. It is almost identical to hurling, played by men.

Does a ball have corners?

Spherical balls have no corners. The American football has 2 corners. A ball (of any shape) may be sewn together of polygons each of which has several corners (vertexes).

What are facts about the winter Olympics sport hockey?

hockey is a sport where you use a hockey stick and a ball.

How many edges and corners a ball has?

A ball has no faces, that is y it has no edges and no