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Dominique Pegg. A Canadian athlete.

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Q: What is the last name of the female olympic gold medalist who's first name is Dominique?
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Who was the first female Canadian snowboard medalist?

Dominique Maltais in boardercross at the 2006 Games in Turin.

Who was the first female Olympic gold medalist from the Asia?

Lee Lai Shun

Who was Great Britain's first female gold medalist in the modern olympic games?

Charlotte Cooper in women's singles tennis at the 1900 Games in Paris.

Who was the first Australian olympic medalist?

Stephine Rice Stephine Rice you won the first one

Who was the first winter olympic gold medalist?

Charles Jewtraw won the first ever Olympic winter gold medal in the 500 meter speed-skating.

Who was Australia's first winter Olympics gold medalist?

Steven Bradbury at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

First female gold medalist in figure skating?

Herma Szabo (Austria)

Who won Kenya's first Olympic medal?

Wilson Kiprugut was Kenya's first Olympic medalist when he won a bronze in men's 800 meter run at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

What two-time olympic gold medalist was the first athlete to appear on a box of wheaties cereal?

mark spits

Who is the first swimming olympic medalist of the US?

The first ever American Olympic swimming medalists were Charles Daniels (silver) and Scott Leary (bronze) in men's 100 yard freestyle at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What is Nastia Liukin's dad's name?

Nastia Liukin's father is Olympic gold medalist Valeri Liukin - the first man to do a triple backflip.

Who was the first British competitor to get a gold in the Olympics?

Great Britain's first Olympic gold medalist was Launceston Elliot in one handed weightlifting at the 1896 Games in Athens.