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Great Britain's first Olympic gold medalist was Launceston Elliot in one handed Weightlifting at the 1896 Games in Athens.

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Q: Who was the first British competitor to get a gold in the Olympics?
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Who was the first ever Australian to win gold in the Olympics?

In 1896 there was one Australian competitor and he won 2 gold medals. Teddy Flack was his name.

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daniel johnson

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Gold in 50 meter freestyle. 2000 Olympics. Dead heat with another competitor.

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First place in the Olympics? Gold

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What is the first place in the Olympics?

It is the gold medal.

What was the first prize in Olympics?

Gold medal

Who was the British sprinter that won both gold and silver medals in the Olympics?

linford christie

Which British swimmer won triple gold?

Henry Taylor in the 1908 London Olympics

When did jack lovelock win his first gold medal in the Olympics?

In 1936 at the Berlin Olympics.

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