Who was the first Australian olympic medalist?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Stephine Rice Stephine Rice you won the first one

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Q: Who was the first Australian olympic medalist?
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Who is Natalie Cook?

Natalie Cook is an Australian professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist.

When was Mark Harmon an Olympic gold medalist?

Mark Harmon never was an Olympic gold medalist. You may be confusing him with Mark Spitz who WAS an Olympic gold medalist swimmer in the 1972 Olympics.

Who was the first female Olympic gold medalist from the Asia?

Lee Lai Shun

What is some information about Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who was born the 17th of June of 1988. She is an Olympic medalist, she won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

Who was the first winter olympic gold medalist?

Charles Jewtraw won the first ever Olympic winter gold medal in the 500 meter speed-skating.

Who was the youngest olympic medalist?

Tara lipinsky

Who was Australia's first winter Olympics gold medalist?

Steven Bradbury at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Who won Kenya's first Olympic medal?

Wilson Kiprugut was Kenya's first Olympic medalist when he won a bronze in men's 800 meter run at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

Did Australian became first on Olympic game?

No, Greece did on 2004 Olympic game

What is the name of the Olympic Medalist that co-founded a top swimwear manufacturer?

Steve Furniss, a 1972 Olympic bronze medalist and co-founder of TYR Sport

What is Stephanie rice favorite drink?

If you are referring to the Australian olympic gold medalist, she has not said much about her choice of beverages. But she does have a website, so perhaps you can ask her. I enclose the link.

Who is the greatest olympic gold medalist?

paul hamm