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Paralympic Judo participants are visually handicapped.

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Q: What is the difference between Olympic judo and Paralympic judo?
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Who is the first person who won the first judo game when it was an Olympic sport?

Judo is a sport :)

When was judo introduced to the olympic?

The Judo men's division was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1964. The women's division asa added in the 1992 Barcelona games.

What are the challenges of Paralympic judo?

Paralympic Judo is for Visually impaired (VI) athletes. The rules are similar to regular (IJF) judo but athletes must take a grip on their opponents uniform (gi) prior to the match starting and maintain physical contact during the match. Referees help guide the athletes to each other at match start and will intervene if the action is going out of bounds or if contact is lost.

When was Judo established as an Olympic sport?

The 1964 Olympic Games, hosted by Tokyo, Japan were the first to feature Judo. Japan won three of the four weight classes.

How young can you be to compete in olympic judo?

18 to enter judo in the olympic level, but i doubt you would get in anyway, you gotta get to the level first, then start trainin for the next olympics

What sports do Greece do well in in the Olympic games?


How many judo events are there in the Olympic games?

there are 4

What is the Olympic sport that is a martial art derived from Jujitsu?


What olympic sport starts with J?

Javelin? I think !

Which sport did israel win the most olympic medals?

Israel has won the majority of their Olympic medals in the sports of Judo and Sailing. 3 medalswere won in Judo and 3 medals were won in Sailing.

When was judo an olympic sport?

i am thinking of between 100-300 years ago because judo was founded when the samurai's had wars.

Where is France winning the most olympic medals?

They have 7 each for swimming and judo.