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The 1964 Olympic Games, hosted by Tokyo, Japan were the first to feature Judo. Japan won three of the four weight classes.

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Q: When was Judo established as an Olympic sport?
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Who is the first person who won the first judo game when it was an Olympic sport?

Judo is a sport :)

The rules of the olympic sport judo?

to be kind

Can women practice judo?

They can and they do. Women's Judo is an Olympic sport and recognized world wide.

What is the Olympic sport that is a martial art derived from Jujitsu?


When did judo become an official sport in the Olympic games?

Men's judo debuted at the 1964 Games in Tokyo and women's judo debuted at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

Judo is meant for what?

Judo was created for sport. It was designed to be effective and allow control of your opponent without causing permanent harm. It has been an Olympic sport for many decades.

When was Judo made and Olympic sport for women?

Women first competed in judo at the 1988 Games in Seoul as a demonstration sport with no medals awarded. Medals were first awarded in women's judo at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

What types of martial arts sports are there?

There is Tae Kwon Do which is a sport at the Olympics. There is Judo which has been an Olympic sport even longer.

Which sport did israel win the most olympic medals?

Israel has won the majority of their Olympic medals in the sports of Judo and Sailing. 3 medalswere won in Judo and 3 medals were won in Sailing.

What is the length of each side of a judo mat?

Judo is a type of Karate. It is an Olympic sport. Competitors compete on a mat that is roughly six feet long.

Is judo a good sport?

yes judo is a good sport i do judo and it keeps you/me fit!

Is judo a sport?

Judo is a martial art, and is also a sport.

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