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Judo is a sport :)

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Q: Who is the first person who won the first judo game when it was an Olympic sport?
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When was first Olympic baseball game held?

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

Is snowmobiling an Olympic sport?

no, its a winter olympic game

How did the game of bball become an olympic sport?

It became an Olympic Sport because it is an awesome sport!!! LOL!

What kind of sport is a winter Olympic game?


When did equestrians first become a sport?

Equestrianism first became a sport in the late 1800's when cross-country was used as a game between cavalry officers in France. It became an Olympic sport in 1912.

What sport was among first Olympic game?

there were many, archery, wrestling high jump, discus to name a few

Is snowbording an Olympic game?

Olympic sport yes... there are several snowboarding events in the winter games

Is Muay Thai game recognized by Maharashtra Olympic Association?

Muay Thai is not an Olympic sport.

Where did the first olympic game take place?

The first Olympic game was taken place in Greece

Which rope game was an Olympic sport in the early 1900s?

Tug of War

Did Australian became first on Olympic game?

No, Greece did on 2004 Olympic game

What was the name of the first olympic game in 776 bc?

The ancient olympic game.

What is a sport official?

Depending on the sport they have different names but its a person that officiates the game. A person that enforces the rules of the game.

When did badminton become a sport?

When it was first invented! It came from an old children's game called battledore and it's an Olympic sport, so yeah: When it was invented in the mid 18th century

Is soccer an Olympic sport?

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

What is the new introduced Olympic game?

Bmx is a new sport for the 2008 Olympics

Is kho kho a Summer Olympic sport?

Yes kho kho is an olympic game

When did the first olympic game to London?


Where was the first Olympic game in Greece?


Where did they have the first Olympic game?

Olympia, Greece.

Is karate a olymipic sport?

No. Karate is not an olympic game. There are talks going on to include it in Olympics but currently it is yielding no result. However other martial arts like judo, taek won do and wushu are in Olympics.

What Olympic game was first televised internationally?

1960. The Rome Olympic Games.

What was the first and only game in the first Olympic games?

The stade.

What was the first Olympic game held in United Kingdom?

in 1909 first olympic game held in united kingdom is called summer olympics.

How has volleyball changed the world?

Well, obviously it has impacted the world as it started as a womens sport and evolved into a mens sport and slo an Olympic game.