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Q: Synthetic ice in speed skating at the Olympics?
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What are four indoor winter Olympics sports?

Speed skating, figure skating, curling, and Ice Hockey.

What is the number of indoor sports in the winter Olympics?

At the 2006 Games in Turin, 5. Curling, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, and Speed Skating.

What are the winter Olympics sports?

speed skating. ice skating. hockey. curling. bobsleding. sorry i don't know more

How many winter Olympics are not held outdoors?

Winter Olympic sports held indoors are curling, speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating, and ice hockey.

Did they have ice skating or gymnastics in the recent Winter Olympics?

Only ice skating. Gymnastics is in the summer Olympics.

What are the connections with figure skating and speed skating?

the similarities between speed skating and figure skating is that 1- they have to do forward crossovers when turning 2- they use ice skates 3- they have to know the basics of ice skating 4- they are capable of going to the olympics

What are examples of winter Olympics?

some examples of the winter Olympics is ice hockey,figure skating speed skating,and more.You should probably look up some more for more sports.

Is Ice Skating in the summer Olympics?

No because the ice has melted.

What is the fastest sport on ice in the winter Olympics?

Ice skating

Is there ice skating in the summer Olympics?

No, figure skating is in the Winter Olympics and will be competed in the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

How many events in the 1924 winter Olympics?

Bobsliegh,curling,figure skating,ice hockey,military patrol,nordic skiing, and speed skating. So 7

Who won the ice skating Olympics?

Kim Yuna