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Only ice skating. Gymnastics is in the summer Olympics.

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Q: Did they have ice skating or gymnastics in the recent Winter Olympics?
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Which athletes won medals at the most recent summer and winter Olympics?

Clara Hughes of Canada won 2 Bronze Medals in 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics for Time Trial and Road Cycling. In Winter Olympics, she also won a 1 Bronze Medal for 5000m Speed Skating at Salt Lake City, 1 Silver Medal for Speed Skating Team Pursuit at Turin 2006 and a Gold Medal for 5000m Speed Skating at Turin 2006. She won 6 medals overall at both Summer and Winter Olympics. 2 Summer medals and 4 Winter medals.

Who is the recent medalist in gymnastics?

Nadia Comaneci is and she won 6 in the Olympics and 4 in the Championships

What are the most recent Olympic sports?

Vancouver winter Olympics

What is the difference between summer and winter Olympics?

The Summer Olympics are held during the summer and have summer sports and competitions. The Winter Olympics are held during the winter and have winter sports and competitions. Both Olympic competitions are held every four years, but Winter Olympics are held two years after the most recent Summer Olympics.

In which European country did the Olympics take place in?

The most recent Olympics in Europe in Turin 2006 winter games.

What happens in the oylmpics?

The Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The games are separated into the original Summer Olympics and the more recent Winter Olympics. The Summer Olympics are largely track and field events. Things like running, shot put, pole vaulting, broad jumping, swimming, gymnastics, weight lifting, etc. The Summer Olympics also includes team sports like soccer and volleyball. There are many more sports included today. The Winter Olympics was created to feature snow and ice sports that were logistically impossible to hold during the Summer Games. Things like ice skating, slalom skiing, ski jumping, cross country skiing and ice hockey.

What was the last Olympic mascot?

The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics were Athena and Phevos. The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics were Neve, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male ice block.

Has anyone died in the winter Olympics?

Yes, the most recent death was Luger Nodar Kumaristashvili, who died in a practice run before the 2010 winter Olympic games officially started.

How many different Winter Olympic games are there in total?

The Winter Olympics were first held at Chamonix in France in 1924. Since then, the Winter Olympics have been held every four years, except 1940 and 1944 when they were cancelled due to the excesses of Herr Hitler and others. The most recent Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. There were 7 sports with a total of 86 different events contested.

Figure skating movies online?

one of the most recent figure skating movies is called Ice Princess. There is also a movie called Go Figure about figure skating and hockey.

What Olympic Sport are Germany good at?

== == In the most recent Summer Olympics (2008 in Beijing) Germany won a total of 16 gold medals, to finish 5th in the medals table, in: * Canoeing (x3) * Judo * Fencing (x2) * Equestrian (x3) * Swimming (x2) * Triathlon * Weightlifting * Modern Pentathlon * Cycling (cross country) * Field hockey In the most recent winter Olympics (2006 in Turin) Germany won 10 gold medals to top the medal table: * Biathlon (x4) * Bobsleigh (x3) * Luge * Nordic Combined * Speed Skating

Where have the Olympics been held in recent years?

The olympics have been held in Bejing and Vancouver.

What are the London Olympics?

London has hosted the Olympics three different times. The Olympics were held in 1908, 1948, and the most recent was 2012.

What sports did they have in Athens?

Soccer, the Olympics(most recent in 2004).

When were the last Olympics?

2008 olympic games in Beijing.The most recent Olympics were in August of 2008, in Beijing, China.

When do the non summer and summer Olympics come?

Summer Olympics:Come every 4 years. They do summer sports and all year round sports but not winter ('snowy and icy') sports. Here are the years and venues of recent Olympics and Olympics in the near future (Please fill these in):1976- Montreal, Canada, North America1980- Moscow, Russia, Asia1984- Los Angeles, USA, North America1988- Seoul, Korea, Asia1992- Barcelona, Spain, Europe1996- Atlanta, USA, Northe America2000- Sydney, Australia, Oceania2004- Athens, Greece, Europe2008- Beijing, China, Asia2012- London, England, UK, Europe2016- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America2020- ?Winter Olympics:Come every 4 years like the Summer ones. These do have the 'snowy and icy' sports and come exactly between the summer ones so for example, the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics were two years before the Beijing ones and two years after the Athens Olympics. There is always a 2 year gap between the two different types of Olympics.Summer Olympics2 yearsWinter Olympics2 yearsSummer Olympics2 yearsWinter Olympicsetc...A list of the Winter Olympics that are either recent or in the near future:1994- Lillehammer, Norway, Europe1998- Nagano, Japan, Asia2002- Salt Lake, USA, North America2006- Turin, Italy, Europe,2010- Vancouver, Canada, North America2014- Sochi, Russia, Asia2018- ?2022- ?

The participants in the recent Beijing Olympics who participated in the swimming event from Russia?

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When is summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics occur every four years. The most recent summer Olympics occurred in 2008, so the next summer Olympics will be in 2012. The 2012 Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 27.

Has there been any recent Kenya news about the next Olympics?

There has not been any recent news with regards to Kenya and the next Olympics. The Kenyan Prime Minister has stated that the country plans to bid to hold the Olympics in Kenya. However, no further statements have been made since.

Name you five cities that have held the Olympic games recently?

The last five host cities were (starting with the most recent): Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta, and Barcelona. The last five hosts for the Winter Olympics were (starting with the most recent): Torino, Salt Lake City, Nagano, Lillehamer, and Albertville.

How much countries in the world?

My atlas says 197, but there were 204 at the recent Olympics.

What year did the US hold the summer Olympics?

Most recent Atlanta in 1996

Who are the famous American gymnasts?

The two most recent Olympic gymnastics from the United States are Nastia Lieken and Shawn Johnson. Shannon Miller as well as Dominque Moceanu are a couple of the most famous. In the 2004 Olympics Carly Patterson was one of the famous gymnasts from the United States.

Where were the most recent summer and winter games played?

Beijing Turin

Who swam the fasest t in the 100 m freestyle at the recent Olympics?

Usain Bolt