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Q: Who won the ice skating Olympics?
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She is a Korean ice-skater that won the gold medal in ice skating in the 2010 Winter Olympics. She is very skilled at ice skating.

Who won the Olympics women's ice skating gold medal in 1994?

Oksana Baiul

Did they have ice skating or gymnastics in the recent Winter Olympics?

Only ice skating. Gymnastics is in the summer Olympics.

Is there ice skating in the summer Olympics?

its in the winter Olympics not the summer Olympics..........

Is rollerskating in the Olympics?

No, but I think ice skating is in the Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

Is Ice Skating in the summer Olympics?

No because the ice has melted.

What is the fastest sport on ice in the winter Olympics?

Ice skating

Who won the Olympics 2004 women's ice skating gold medal?

There were no Winter Olympics Games in 2004. The Winter Olympics were held in 2002 and 2006. In 2002, Sarah Hughes of the US won the gold. In 2006, Shizuka Arakawa of Japan won the gold.

How many gold medals has US won in ice skating?

How many USA medals have been won in ice skating

When did ice skating start being played in the Olympics?

Figure Skating started being played in 1924 in the Winter Olympics.

What are two traditionally Winter Olympic games that at one time were in the Summer Olympics?

Figure skating and ice hockey. Figure skating and ice hockey debuted in the Olympics before the creation of the Winter Games. Figure skating's first Olympics was 1908 and ice hockey's was 1920. The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924.

Who won the Olympics gold medal for women's singles figure skating in 1976?

Dorothy Hamill (USA) won the womens figure skating in the 1976 winter Olympics.

When did figure skating fisrt in the Olympics and what is the history of it?

Ice skating was first included in the Olympics in 1908. The US Figure skating association (aka USFSA) was formed in 1921.

Was there a time when figure ice skating was not contested?

was there a time when figure skating not contested in the olympics

What competitions in ice skating are there?

sectionals, nationals, then the olympics In the Winter Olympics there is singles, pairs, and ice dancing competitions.

What is the least amount of medals Canada has won in the winter Olympics?

At a single Winter Olympics, that is 1 in 1924 (gold in ice hockey), 1928 (gold in ice hockey), 1936 (silver in ice hockey), and 1972 (silver in ladies singles figure skating).

Kinds of ice sports at the Winter Olympics?

The sports that are played on ice at the Olympics are hockey,figure skating, short track speed skating,long track speed skating and curling. All of these events have mens and womens catagories.

The most controversial issue in the Olympics?

ice skating

Before the winter Olympics there were two winter sports included in the summer Olympics?

Ice hockey and figure skating.Ice hockey was first competed in 1920 and figure skating in 1908. The first Winter Olympics were in 1924.

How many skating medals have Britain won ice skating?

Torvill and Dean have won 18 gold medals.

Who won two gold medals for skating in the 1980s?

Eric Heiden won 5 gold medals in speed skating the 1980 Olympics.

What is the difference between figure skating and ice skating?

Ice skating is more just skating for fun and figure skating is doing spins and jumps Ice skating is any type of skating and figure skating is dancing on ice Whoever put that is wrong! Ice Skating is a sport that just sums up every thing you do on ice... it is a category of all the skating activities on ice! True figure skating is like dancing and spinning (i should know i have won a figure skating Competition!) But it is just a category!

What are some sports apart of the winter olympics?

figure skating,skiing, ice skating ect ect ect

How many gold metals did the US women win in the winter Olympics in Japen?

There were two winter Olympics held in Japan- Sapporo 1972 and Nagano 1998. In the 1972 Olympics the US women won 3 gold medals- 1 in alpine skiing and 2 in speed skating (in fact those were all the gold medals the US won in that Olympics). In 1998 the US women won 4 gold medals- 1 each in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, and figure skating.

Which country won the bronze medal in Figure Skating Team trophy in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

The United States won the bronze medal in Figure Skating Team trophy at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.