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The Republic of Korea (South Korea) won 9 Gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

  1. Men's archery (team)
  2. Men's archery (individual)
  3. Women's archery (team)
  4. Women's archery (individual)
  5. Men's épée (individual)
  6. Men's 50 metre pistol (individual)
  7. Taekwondo - Women's 49kg (individual)
  8. Taekwondo - Women's 67kg (individual)
  9. Women's gold (individual)
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South Korea won 13 gold medals at the 2008 Games in Beijing:

1) Son Tae-Ji - men's featherweight taekwondo.

2) Sa Jae-Hyok - men's middleweight Weightlifting.

3) Lee Yong-Dae and Lee Hyo-Jeong - mixed doubles Badminton.

4) Men's Archery Team.

5) Women's Archery Team.

6) Jang Mi-Ran - women's super heavyweight weightlifting.

7) Im Su-Jeong - women's featherweight taekwondo.

8) Choi Min-Ho - men's extra lightweight judo.

9) Cha Dong-Min - men's heavyweight taekwondo.

10) Park Tae-Han - men's 400 meter freestyle swimming.

11) Jin Jong-O - men's 50 meter free pistol shooting.

12) Baseball Team

13) Hwang Gyeong-Seon - women's welterweight taekwondo.

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China won 32 gold medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Only the United States won more gold medals .... the U.S. won 36.

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Q: How many gold medals for south Korea in Beijing 2008 Olympics?
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