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Depends on which Olympics you want to know about.

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Q: Then how many medals won by North Korea and South Korea separately?
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The medals for Korea in olympic 2008 include both north and South Korea?

No, since they are still separate countries, it is not added together No, South Korea got in the top 10, but North Korea hardly got any YAY! SOUTH KOREA RULZ! Since North Korea and South Korea are separate countries, the medals and things are not added together. South Korea was in the top 10's, but North Korea got hardly any medals. This is because North Korea is not developed and poor, so they don't get good coaches. That's why they don't do good as South Korea. For the Olympics, even though these two countries are separate countries, they used to come in together, but now they don't come in together at the introduction, but come in seperately.

Differences between north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

How many medals will south Korea win?

10 gold medals

The governmants of North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea- Communist South Korea- Presidental

Who is communist north Korea or south Korea?

North Korea is Communist and South Korea is Capitalist

What is South Korea north of?

North Korea.... -_-

Who was communist North or South Korea?

North Korea is communist South Korea is capitalist

Why is south Korea rich and north Korea is not?

South Korea is capitalist, north is communist.

What is the capital of North and South Korea?

North Korea-Pyongyang South Korea-Seoul

Which is stronger north or South Korea?

Maybe North But South Korea Is Too I Think North Korea

How many medals did south Korea win at the olympics in 2012?

About 20 medals

How many gold medals have South Korea won?

150 medals or about 100

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