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Q: How many medals did South Africa win in the Beijing Olympics right now?
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How many gold medals did South Africa win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


How many gold medals has south africa won in the 2000 olympics?

0 ... South Africa won 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals but no gold medals.

How many south African competitors in Beijing Olympics?

According to www.South, there are a total of 131 members of Team South Africa in Beijing.

How many gold medals does SA have in the Olympics?

Currently, South Africa has 3 gold medals and one silver.

What are south Africa best at in the Olympics?

Swimming, we got all our medals from it so far

What Olympics was South Africa's best?

The most medals South Africa has won in an Olympics is 10 and was done at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp and the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki.

What were some successful years for South Africa at the Olympic Games?

The most medals won by South Africa at the Summer Olympics was 10 at the 1920 Games in Antwerp and the 1952 Games in Helsinki. The most gold medals won by South Africa at the Summer Olympics was 4 at the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

How many medals did SA win at the 2012 Olympics?

If you mean South Africa they won 6 including 3 Gold medals

How many medals has South Africa won in the 2008 Olympics?

Through events on 15 August, South Africa has not won a medal at the 2008 Games.

How many medals did south Africa win in the 2012 London Olympics?

6 total Medals 3 gold 2 Silver and 1 Bronze

Which country had the least medals at Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Of countries that won medals Tunesia, Cameroon, Panama, Bahrain, Chile, Malaysia, Ecuador, Singapore, Iceland, South Africa, Sudan, Vietnam, Mauritius, Egypt, Afghanistan, Moldova, Israel, Venezuela, and Togo each won one.

How many medals did south Korea win at the olympics in 2012?

About 20 medals

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