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sachin tendulkar

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Q: Who was the player dismissed by Sunil Gavaskar during a test wicket?
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What is the only wicket of sunil gavaskar in test match?

Shyamala Kanta

Who was the first batsman to be dismissed by kumble during his 10 wicket haul against Pakistan?

Shahid Khan Arfidi

Who is the batsman whom Sunil Gavaskar took wicket in test cricket?

Zaheer Abbas in 1978 tour of Pakistan.

Who is the first person who dismissed through Hit Wicket in cricket?

JG Wright

Who was dismissed by kapil dev to break Richard hadlee's wicket taking record?

Hashan Tillakratana

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

What do you call to be at the wicket without being dismissed for an entire innings?

An opening batsman that started an innings and finishes not out can be said to have carried his bat.

Which batsmen did Sachin dismiss to claim his 100th international wicket and 100th international catch?

Sachin Tendulkar dismissed Hansie Cronje to claim his 100th international wicket and Hashan Tillakaratne to claim his 100th international catch.

How many wickets did Sunil Gavaskar take in One-Day Internationals?

Sunil Gavaaskar took a single wicket wtih the ball in One-Day International cricket, in 3.2 overs of bowling.

What happens when a new batsman takes more than 3 minutes to arrive at the crease after the loss of a wicket?

That batsman is timed out. They are dismissed for a duck after zero balls.

Who is the player if Indian cricket team played in 1983 world cup?

Players were: SM Gavaskar K Srikkanth M Amarnath Yashpal Sharma SM Patil N Kapil Dev (Captain) KBJ Azad RMH Binny S Madan Lal SMH Kirmani (Wicket keeper) BS Sandhu

What does LBW stand for?

Leg Before Wicket.In cricket Leg Before Wicket (LBW) is one of the ways in which a batsman can be dismissed in occurs when the batsmen is struck anywhere except his bat or gloves and the ball would be hitting the stumps (ball has to hit in line with the stumps and pitch outside of stump if a shot is played) :)Leg Before Wicket