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An opening batsman that started an innings and finishes not out can be said to have carried his bat.

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Q: What do you call to be at the wicket without being dismissed for an entire innings?
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Who took the wicket of Sachin Tendulkar in his debut Test match?

Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for 15 runs in his debut Test innings, against Pakistan. He was bowled out by Waqar Younis.

In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

Who are the 7 wicket takers in world cup in one innings?


Which Pakistani cricketer took most wicket in a innings in one day world cup cricket?

Wasim Akram took most wicket in a innings in one day world cup cricket.

What is called a 5 wicket haul in cricket?

A single bowler taking 5 wickets in an innings is called "a 5 wicket haul"

A wicket is associated in which sport?

The term wicket is associated with the sport of Cricket. When a batsman is dismissed and sent back to the pavillion it is termed as a wicket. People even call the cricket pitch where the game is played a wicket.

Who was the player dismissed by Sunil Gavaskar during a test wicket?

sachin tendulkar

Who is the first person who dismissed through Hit Wicket in cricket?

JG Wright

What is a wicket in the game Cricket?

Wicket also refers to the event of a batsman getting out. The batsman is said to have lost his wicket. If dismissed by a bowler, the bowler is said to have taken his wicket. The number of wickets taken is the primary measure of a bowler's ability.

How many bowler took 7 wicket in one innings in world cup cricket?


Who was dismissed by kapil dev to break Richard hadlee's wicket taking record?

Hashan Tillakratana

Whose bowler took 7 wicket in one innings in world cup cricket?

rahul dravid

Who is the 10 wicket taker in a test innings?

Jim laker 53/10 Anil kumble 74/10

Which wicket-keeper registered the maximum number of dismissals in an innings in the 1996 World Cup?

Ian Healy, He had 12 dismissals

Who was the first batsman to be dismissed by kumble during his 10 wicket haul against Pakistan?

Shahid Khan Arfidi

Which bowler took 4 wickets in 4 consecutive balls?

In international Cricket, Lasith Malinga - Sri Lankan fast bowler took 4 wickets in 4 balls against South Africa in their Super Eight World Cup 2007 match at Guyana.Malinga dismissed Pollock, Hall, Kallis and Ntiniin consecutively in 4 balls(the first two batsmen dismissed in the 44th over of the SA innings. And, the next two batsmen were dismissed on the first two balls of the innings 46th over).SA chasing down 210 runs won the match by just 1 wicket.

Who took 7 wicket in a innings in world cup cricket?

Winston Davis of West Indies, Andy Bichel of Australia and Glen McGrath of Australia have taken 7 wickets in an innings of cricket world cup.

Which batsmen did Sachin dismiss to claim his 100th international wicket and 100th international catch?

Sachin Tendulkar dismissed Hansie Cronje to claim his 100th international wicket and Hashan Tillakaratne to claim his 100th international catch.

Who is the youngest bowler to get 5 wickets in an innings in icc cricket world cup?

Waqar younis has taken 5 wicket haul in the age of 18

Who is New Zealand's leading test wicket taker?

The leading Test wicket-taker of all time for New Zealand is Richard Hadlee, who, in 86 Test matches, took 431 wickets at an average of 29.64, including an innings best of 9-83.

Record of how many wickets in one inning taken by Anil Kumble?

kumble takes 10 wicket in innings against pakistan on Delhi's Firosha kotla ground.

Murlidharan took first wicket of test cricket?

Sri Lankan Test cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan took three wickets in his debut Test match, between Sri Lanka and Australia, his only wicket in his first Test innings being that of Craig McDermott.

What happens when a new batsman takes more than 3 minutes to arrive at the crease after the loss of a wicket?

That batsman is timed out. They are dismissed for a duck after zero balls.

What is South Africa's highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket?

South Africa's highest tenth-wicket partnership in Test cricket is 103 runs, achieved between Tuppy Owen-Smith and Sandy Bell in July 1929 against England. Owen-Smith finished the innings with a Test innings best of 129 runs. Bell's contribution of 26 runs was his best in all Test matches.

What is the meaning of king pair in cricket?

if a batsman gets out on the first ball in the first innings of a test match, then when he will face the first ball of second innings, he will be consider as on a king pair, as same as after two consecutive wickets the bowler is considered to be on a hattrick for the third ball, when he gets the third consecutive wicket he is considered to achieve the hattrick similarly when a batsmen gets out on the first ball of second innings as in the first innings he will be considered as he has achieved the king pair.