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He has never trown 50 touchdowns. Tom Brady has thrown 50, but Peyton Manning has only thrown 49 in one season.

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Q: What year did Peyton Manning throw 50 TDs?
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How many tds does Peyton Manning have?

In his career, Peyton has 399 touchdown passes

How many times has Peyton Manning thrown less than 25 touchdowns in a season?

In his professional career, Peyton Manning has thrown for at least 26 touchdowns a year: 1999 and 2001 In his college career, he threw for; 1994 11 TDS 1995 22 TDS 1996 20 TDS 1997 37 TDS

How many touchdown passes did Eli Manning ever throw?

Through the 2007 season, Eli Manning has thrown 77 regular season TDs and 6 playoff TDs in his 4 year career.

Who is the First NFL QB with consecutive 30 TDs?

I am not sure who the first one is, but Peyton Manning threw 31 in 2006-2007 and he threw 31 this year.

Who has more passing tds Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton has more in his career with 64,964 yards compared to Brady's 49,149. While Manning has been in the league two years longer than Brady, Peyton would almost certainly still have more yards

Who is the all-time leading passer for the Indianapolis Colts for tds?

Peyton Manning has thrown the most touchdown passes in Indianapolis Colts history.

Peyton Manning broke who's single season for touchdown passes?

He broke Dan Marinos record in 2004 with 49 tds only to have the record broken by tom brady in 2007 with 50

How many TDs has Eli Manning thrown in career?


What is Peyton Manning's personal best for passing yards in a game?

In the NFL through the 2009 regular season, that is 472 yards (Manning threw for 5 TDs) against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 31, 2004. The Chiefs won that game 45-35.

Who was the biggest NFL draft bust ever?

Ryan Leaf. He was selected right after Peyton Manning. Peyton was 1st, Leaf was 2nd. Leaf had a very bad attitude, not to mention he threw threw 2 TDs & 15 INTs in his first season. He didn't start again until his third season where he threw 11 TDs & 18 INTs. He then tried to make a comeback the next year with the Dallas Cowboys, but failed miserably. Leaf retired before the season ended.

How many tds did john elway throw?


How many times did Eli and Peyton Manning play each other?

Through the 2008 regular season, once. That was September 10, 2006 when the Peyton and the Colts defeated Eli and the Giants, 26-21. Peyton completed 25 passes in 41 attempts for 276 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT and Eli completed 20 passes in 34 attempts for 247 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT.

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