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New Zealand national sports teams wear a variation of black, silver and white - mainly black in most instances. The sports teams are usually named after the colours they wear.

Rugby: All Blacks - they wear all black. The alternative strip is grey/silver with black trim. Legend suggests that when the "Originals" team toured Britain in 1905, a London paper reported that the players played as if they were "all backs" which has subsequently merged into "All Blacks" - it is unknown if this is fact or myth.

Soccer/Football: All Whites - all white strip with black trim.

Cricket: Black Caps - they wear all Black with silver trim in 20/20 and ODI matches, test whites with black trim for test matches

Netball: The Silver Ferns - (name based on New Zealand's national emblem the silver fern). Black dresses with Silver trim

Basketball - Tall Blacks - black uniform with silver trim.

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Q: What colors does new Zealand wear when playing sports and why?
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