Do girls wear body protection playing sports?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Do girls wear body protection playing sports?
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What are the benefits of sports and games?

it helps to maintain good health ,playing sports reduce for body fat and control your body weight

Who is faster girls or boys?

Boys and girls can be the same speed, it depends on how nimble they are.

How do you stay safe playing sports?

wear full body armour

What is unfair play in sports?

Playing against the rules, like body-contact.

Is playing an instrument a sport?

No. When you play sports, it requires physical activity, and your whole body.

What are Major difference caused in body due to playing sports?

You become fit and well structured.

How do sports drinks benefit a sports person?

Sports drinks contain electrolytes, which refuel your body. They also contain carbohydrates (most of them; propel is an exception) which give you energy. If you are working out, playing sports, etc. for more than 1 hour, it is best to drink a sports drink to continually refuel your body.

What are some parts of your body that are used as levers when playing sports?

The leavers that are in you bodys are mostly your arms and legs

How do sports keep us healthy and fit?

Cause playing is like exercising and that make our body healthy ..!

Why is playing sports heathy?

its healthy because it keeps your body active and helps keep fit and gives you energy such as lifting your arm. You need a strong body to get through everyday life. Without playing sports everyone would have just to jog everywhere but with sports, you could getting the excerise you need and also by you having fun!!

What happens to your body when you play sports games?

Basically you start to feel tired and slow but only if your playing for a long time if you have difficulties.And if you have asthma it doesnt stop you playing sports so you might get stiches but you can still play.

Is not playing sports a major turnoff coming from a guy?

As a guy, I prefer women who do not play sports. There is nothing attractive about a sweaty girl who smells like body odor.