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i am a Basketball player how long do i have to wait before playing again,had appendix removed last Thursday night

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Q: You are a basketball player how long do you have to wait before playing againappendix was removed last Thursday night?
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The organisers removed basketball from the 2010 commonwealth games.

Does the arena remove the ice when going from ice hockey to basketball?

In many places the ice is not removed; the basketball floor is placed over it. Of course, if they are not set up to put the floor over the ice, the ice is removed when going from ice hockey to basketball.

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How many personal fouls are committed for a player to be removed from a basketball game?

if your dum dont come on this website because idont know too thank u by your frend abdul

Where there any changes to basketball since 1891?

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How can you protect your healing arm while playing hockey after having cast removed?

You should not play until your arm is 100% - fully healed.

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The basketball was first discovered by a man named Dr. James Naismith. He taught at the YMCA training school in Springfield Massachusetts. He used peach baskets as the goals. The peach baskets then had the bottoms of them removed so that the ball could swish through the baskets instead of hitting the bottom.

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Yes after having had mine removed on Thursday last week I have had the heaviest period I have ever had, continual clotting and pain. It is now a week later and doesn't appear to be stopping. Hopefully it will stop soon!!

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The most solemn time of the Church year begins after the Holy Thursday Mass through Good Friday. After Mass on Holy Thursday the Eucharist is removed from the regular tabernacle and placed in a location removed from the main altar. All adornments of the sanctuary are removed or covered - candle sticks, statues, flowers, etc., and the area remains barren until the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday. This is done as a form of penance and a remembrance of Our Lord's passion and death. Prior to Vatican II all statues, including the crucifix, were covered with purple cloth from Passion Sunday until the Easter Vigil Mass. Bells were not rung during Mass, being replaced by wooden clappers. The organ was not played. No flowers or other adornments were allowed in the church during this period. The Church has somewhat softened these mortifications since the 1960s.

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