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Rahul dravid in 2006 got best captain award from ICC and recently Dhoni has been awarded the best playr of the year

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Q: How many players got award in ICC from India?
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How does this seasons British cricket teams compare to India?

According to the ICC rankings, England is ahead of India in the ICC Test Championship with a rating of 114 to India's 112. In both the ICC ODI Championship and ICC Twenty20 Championship, India is ahead of of the British cricket team with a rating of 119 in each championship. England is slightly behind with 117 in the ODI and 118 in the Twenty20.

In which year did India become a member of the International Cricket Council ICC?


When did India score 413 runs in one day cricket against barmuda?

In the ICC World Cup 2007. When India is in group stages.

How many wickets would Yuvraj hit in ICC World Cup?

Yuvraj took 18 wickets in ICC World Cup.

Can India achieve first rank in icc cricket ranking for test matche by winning the match against newzealand?

No India are ranked 3rd at the moment. If South Africa lose the last test in South Africa and India win 2-0 or better in New Zealand they can move up to 2nd behind Australia.

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Who won icc award for the spirit of cricket in 2009?

Australian skipper Adam Gilchrist won the spirit of cricket icc award in 2009.

Who won ICC Award for the spirit of cricket?


How many India won matches in all icc world cup?

about 700

Who is first in icc ranking in cricket?

India India

Who won icc WC 2011?

India won icc WC 2011.

ICC cricketer of the year award 2009?

Mitchell Johnson

Who won ICC award for spirit of cricket?

Daneil vettori

How many times has India won the icc cricket world cup?

2 times

How many times India ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup?


Who won the icc champions trophy in 2013?

India won the icc champions trophy in 2013.

Who won the icc world cup in 2001?

India won the icc world cup in 2001.

How many South African-born players are there in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 squads?