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No India are ranked 3rd at the moment. If South Africa lose the last test in South Africa and India win 2-0 or better in New Zealand they can move up to 2nd behind Australia.

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Q: Can India achieve first rank in icc cricket ranking for test matche by winning the match against newzealand?
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What is the T20 ranking of Pakistan cricket team in world cricket ranking?

Dec 2011 Reliance ICC t20 Ranking Pakistan is at no 5 February 2012 Reliance ICC Ranking pakistan at no 5 with 3781 points

What is present ranking of India in cricket?

Test cricket- 2nd One day- 1st

What is the formula of ranking a cricket player?

the cricket players are ranked according to their every match performance they get points for taking wickets and scoring runs but offcourse u will get more points playing against stronger opposition

Who is first in icc ranking in cricket?

India India

Can India achieve first rank in icc cricket ranking for one day matche by winning the match agains srilanka?

No I don't think so. i think they have to beat Australia.

What is position of India cricket team?

Test Series Ranking-1st place ODI Ranking-2nd place.

What is the ranking of Afghanistan in ICC T20 Cricket World Cup?

The present ranking of the Afghanistan team in T20 is 12th.

What is the present ranking of Pakistan in One Day International Cricket?

As per ICC ranking as on 20th Nov. 2011 for ODI Teams, Pakistan is 5th with 106 ranking points.

What is India's rank in latest ICC ranking in One day cricket?


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What is the ODI ranking of Pakistan cricket team in world cricket ranking?

As of 12 November 2011, the Pakistani National Cricket Team are ranked 6th in ODI's, behind Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and England, and ahead of New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Netherlands and Kenya.

How many time dhoni ranking no1 in odi cricket?

He never got that place. But he is a good cricketer.