Who won icc award for the spirit of cricket in 2009?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Australian skipper Adam Gilchrist won the spirit of cricket icc award in 2009.

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Q: Who won icc award for the spirit of cricket in 2009?
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Who won ICC Award for the spirit of cricket?


Who won ICC award for spirit of cricket?

Daneil vettori

Who won Spirit of cricket award at the International Cricket Council awards 2011?

MS Dhoni, the India captain, has won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award for his decision to recall Ian Bell after his controversial run-out during the Trent Bridge Test. he also won the world cup for his country that year after 28 years and was the best captain

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Yuvraj Singh has won icc award for cricketer of the year 2011.

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Mitchell Johnson

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Kenya is the worst team in ICC cricket

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the name of the icc was changed from the imperial cricket conference to the international cricket conference.

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