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At both ends of the field is a set of goalposts with a net.

The 2 corners have quadrants for corner kicks.

In front of the goal is the six-yard box for goal kicks.

Next comes the penalty spot for penalty kicks.

Then comes the penalty box which is the area where a penalty can be given for a foul.

Just at the edge of the penalty box is a semi circle which indicates the minimum distance of the rest of the players to the penalty taker.

Along the whole length of the field and on either side are the sidelines for throw-ins. Injured players also have to re-enter the pitch from outside the sidelines near the middle.

At the middle of the field is the kick-off spot, for kick-offs.

Around the spot is a large circle split in the centre by the half line.

The circle is to indicate the minimum distance between the players who are kicking-off and the the rest of the players.

The half line indicates the maximum proximity to the opponent's goal that a player can be at at kick-off.

That is all there is to a soccer field's anatomy.

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A soccer field, also known as a football pitch, is the field on which the sport soccer is played. You could easily find a diagram online.

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Q: Can some one explain the anatomy of a soccer field?
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