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Q: Why Does a go kart engine need a clutch?
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Where is the clutch of a go kart?

The clutch of a go kart is much the same as the clutch on a car. The clutch disengages the engine from the gearbox enabling the gear to be changed. Without a clutch gear changing would be difficult and may damage the gearbox.

Looking for a clutch for a funder wheels go kart?

the extension clutch

How can you stop a go kart clutch from over heating on a start stop driving area?

Make sure the clutch is completely disengaged when pushed, it may need to be adjusted, it sounds like the clutch is dragging. get a better go kart or add a raidiatoraor even use some overheating additive...............or maybe the go kart has too much weight in it.... those clutches are supposed to slip are they?

The band on my go kart us too big for the clutch and it gets stuck what can I do about this?

You need to cut it to the right size to help it not get stuck.

How do you drive go kart without a clutch?

Someone has to pick up the rear end and run with it, starting your engine when he drops it. (and if you spin out and stall you lose the race )

Can you use a gas scooter engine on a go kart?

absolutely. actually they are better than other options as they usually come already with a clutch / transmission system built into them.

What makes a go kart clutch overheat?

Answer: You can eliminate much of your overheating by having the clutch adjusted properly. you cant

Can a lawnmower engine be used foe a go kart?

Yes , you need a gear box to make it work.

How do you shift a 6 speed go kart Is it just a sequential gearbox or is there a clutch?

its is a cluch

What is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go-kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0N?

what is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0 N?

How do you make a go kart go faster?


How do you install a lawn mower motor on to your go - kart frame?

Lawn mower engines have a vertical crankshaft and are unsuitable for go carts, you need to change the drive angle to horizontal to make the thing work and this requires a set of gears like a car rear end. Get yourself an engine out of a gas edger or small dirt bike and all you will need is a chain clutch and gear for the rear axle, I prefer the dirt bike engine as it already has a clutch and transmission so set up is easy and you will go much faster.