Who is the official Bank of NASCAR?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Who is the official Bank of NASCAR?
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Is there an official cola of NASCAR?

Yes. Coca Cola is the official soft drink of Nascar.

Who has been the official fuel supplier for NASCAR?

Sunoco has been the official fuel supplier for Nascar since 2004.

How much money does a NASCAR official make?

A NASCAR official makes around 53,000 dollars a year for this job. This job is demanding and requires lots of nights and weekends plus overtime. If you would like to be a NASCAR official, you can apply on the NASCAR job board.

Where was the first official NASCAR sanctioned race?


Are mustangs used in NASCAR?

No mustangs are not used in nascar the cars in nascar are the "official stock car of nascar"

How many laps in a 200 lap Nascar race have to be run to make it an official race?

To be an official Nascar race, the drivers must complete 100 of 200 laps. Once lap 101 begins, it's an official race.

What officials does NASCAR answer to?

Each team is assigned an official who watch them during the weekend and whatever the any of the officials say are double checked by a second official (beside a pit stop penalty). After an official reports something NASCAR reacts. If an official is wrong and he admits it NASCAR will fix the issue. example: 2011 in the nationwide race a NASCAR official said Brian Scott said that a tire had a missing lug nut and Brian Scott was given a pass through. But the official was wrong admitted it and they through a caution to give Brian his spot on the track back.

How much did each place pay at the 2010 Bank of America 500 Nascar race?

Click on the link below to see the results and payouts for the 2010 Bank of America Nascar race.

How many people drive in an official NASCAR race?

In a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race there are 43 drivers. In a Nascar Truck Series race there are 36 starting drivers.

How did Mars become a NASCAR sponsor?

They went to NASCAR and paid them a huge amount of money. NASCAR looks at three things when they evaluate a potential new "official product of NASCAR" sponsor: the product's reputation, whether NASCAR fans use the product and whether the sponsor can afford to pay the fees. Reputation is all important. It has to be a product that won't cause any embarrassment, so you'll never see something like an "official condom of NASCAR." Usage is another very important one. The product should be usable by both men and women, and within reason by both adults and children (obviously children aren't supposed to use beer, but there is an official beer of NASCAR and that's okay), and be affordable to all. You will probably never see an "official cosmetics of NASCAR" even though a lot of women watch NASCAR and would buy it, because guys generally don't wear makeup. Similarly, because Rolexes are not affordable to most people you probably won't see Rolex become the official watch of NASCAR. The part about the fees is self explanatory.

Who won the 2006 Bank of America 500 Nascar race?

Kasey Kahne

Who are the current Nascar drivers sponsored by Bank of America?

None as the primary sponsor.