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Sunoco has been the official fuel supplier for Nascar since 2004.

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Q: Who has been the official fuel supplier for NASCAR?
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Who is the official fuel supplier of Ferrari?


Why doesn't NASCAR use fuel injection?

In fact, NASCAR is planning a move to fuel injection. This will happen in 2011 or 2012.

Does Metallica have a deal with NASCAR?

Metallica did feature their song "Fuel" in NASCAR on FOX broadcasts in 2001, but bands do not actually make deals with NASCAR itself.

Where can I buy NASCAR gas can?

Try this site, (it's not an official gas can): sells Richardson fuel cans, which are NASCAR-sanctioned.

Should Nascar racing be enforced with fuel prices as they are?

The question of whether NASCAR should continue racing during oil crises has been broached on several occasions, namely during the oil shortages of the 70's as well as the price inflations of the 2000's. In the 70's races were shortened in an effort to save precious fuel. Today, this is less of a concern, as the fuel used in a typical NASCAR race is of a much higher octane and would be unsafe to use in a typical street car.

How much Ethanol is in the fuel NASCAR uses or if any?

I don't believe that NASCAR is using ethanol. I know F1 race cars use it.

What grade of gas is used for Nascar race cars?

NASCAR to Use Unleaded Fuel in 2008. NASCAR announced that NASCAR teams would switch to unleaded fuel by the start of the 2008 season. This is a significant development for NASCAR teams as they have long been the target of environmental groups. This change is possible because researchers at Sunoco have developed Sunoco 260 GTX a new fuel formula that does not damage racing engines. Beginning in 2011, Nascar started to use Sunoco Green E15 racing fuel. This is a renewable fuel blended with 15 percent American-made ethanol from American-grown corn.

What does the guy at the rear of the race car do?

In Nascar he holds the fuel overflow catch can.

NASCAR on NBC and tnt pre-race theme 2002?

Fuel by Metallica

How big is a NASCAR fuel can?

The can weighs 16.4 lbs empty and about 58 pounds full. The catch can weights about 5 lbs, not for sure.

Indy Racing League cars use what fuel and what makes it different from the fuel used in Nascar and Formula One cars?

Indycars and F1 cars use alcohol-based fuels. NASCAR uses high-octane gasolines.

How much gas do they use in a nascar race?

On average a NASCAR get 4-6mpg, so during a 500mile race they would consume 80-125gallons of fuel.