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Midwest Senior Legend Connie Feist is from Columbia City, Indiana. Connie was the 1981 AMA Amateur 125cc Motocross Champion and continues to dominate much younger riders on a machine with a much smaller displacement. Born in 1960 Connie now races and teaches thoroughout the midwest. is his motocross school website.

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Ricky Carmicheal, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Travis Pastrona From the past: Bob Hannah, Roger Decoster, Tony DiStefano, Kent Howerton, Broc Glover, Chuck Sun, David Bailey, Danny Chandler, Damon Bradshaw, Steve Wise, Jeff Ward, Rickey Johnson, Jeremy Mcgrath, Jeff Stanton, Jeff Emig Freestyle MX: Nate Adems, Dany Torres, Robbie Maddison, Travis, and Jeremy Twitch Senburg

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MX/ MX Lite Riders: #4 Ricky Carmichael, #7 James "Bubba" Stewart, #14 Kevin Windham, #22 Chad Reed, #5 Ryan Dungey, #2 Jeremy McGrath, #2 Ryan Villopoto, #75 Josh Hill, #11 Josh Hansen, #33 Josh Grant, #9 Ivan Tedesco, #25 Ryan Sipes, #19 Jake Weimer, #18 Davi Millsaps, #800 Mike Alessi, #29 Andrew Short, #125 Marvin Musquin, #194 Ken Roczen, #1 Steffi Laier, #35 Michael Addison, #222 Tony Cairoli, #114 Justin Brayton, #144 Alex Martin, #61 Blake Wharton, #613 David Webster, #02 Ethan Connor, #36 Jeff Bryan, #82 Jared McFarron, #6 Mike Parker, #88 Russel Dawson, #444 Steve Snow, #521 Todd Lynn, #96 Tyler Wharton, #27 Wayne Cline.

James Stewart- Yamaha 450

Josh Grant- Yamaha 450

Josh Hill- Yamaha 450

Ricky Carmichael- Suzuki 450

Ryan Dungey- Suzuki 450

Ryan Villopoto- Kawasaki 450

Chad Reed- Honda 450

Jeremy McGrath- Honda 450

Kevin Windham- Honda 450

Davi Millsaps- Honda 450

Ivan Tedesco- Honda 250

Justin Brayton- KTM 250

Mike Alessi- KTM 250

Andrew Short- KTM 250

Tony Cairoli- KTM 250

Marvin Musquin- KTM 250

Ken Roczen- KTM 250

Michael Addison- KTM 250

Freestyle MX:

Travis Pastrana, Nate Adams, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenburg, Dany Torres, Robbie Maddison, Todd Potter, Brian Deegan, Mike Mason, Ronnie Renner, Drake McElroy, Brian Foster, Thomas Pages, Matt Buyten, Mat Rebeaud, Jim McNeil, Jeff Kargola, Beau Bamburg, Ronnie Faisst, Kyle Loza, Blake Williams, Carey Hart.

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Q: Who are some famous Motocross riders?
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What services does the Motocross website offer?

Motocross allows fans to look at standings, see profiles on some of their favorite riders and also will offer deals on equipment and accessories that are needed by afficionado.

Can you race Motocross with a Honda CRF 70?

At some tracks there is a trail bike a,b, and c class. A is for more advanced riders, B for decent riders, and C for beginers.

How do the motocross bike factorys get information to develop their motocross bikes?

They have their own R&D departments that often include former motocross stars as consultants and test riders.

What is the motocross des nations?

The Motocross des Nations motocross race is an annual "team" event, where riders representing their country meet at what is billed as the "Olympics of Motocross". The event has been staged since 1947.

What age can you do moto cross?

Motocross events allow riders from 9years and up.

What are some famous horseback riders?

It really depends. Do you want English riders or western riders? A famous western rider is Clatan Ryder. I do not know any English.

Who was top motocross rider in90's?

One of the top riders had to be Jeremy McGrath

What is a motocross?

Motocross is a form of rough terrain racing involving motorcycles. The terrain is usually rigged or engineered to test the riders ability to endure a wide variety of challenges.

Who were the first freestyle motocross riders?

Carl Lemuel Meninguito Kenny Bartram Travis Pastrana

What kind of talents did the Incas have?

they were great cod players nd r great motocross riders ;)

Who are some christian motocross riders?

well i know trey canard thanks god in every interview i`ve seen with him after the race, Ryan dungey too

Who are some famous french supercross riders?

fabien Izoird