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Q: How many pro motocross riders come from California?
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How many people can fit in one motocross arena?

What do you mean? If you are meaning that is a race than it can a maximum of 30 riders depending on the race. if this isn't what you mean please reword your answer. Thanks.

What are the differnt types of motocross?

there are many here are some: supercross arena cross motocross freestyle motocross indoor motocross outdoor motocross

Where does motocross come in most physical sports?

It would infact be Motocross number one, and Soccer second. Please see related link below! The National Sport Health Institute in Englewood, California tested several professional motocross racers in the early 1980s as part of a comparative study of the cardio-vascular fitness of athletes from various disciplines. Athletes from track, American football and soccer were tested, among others. Motocross racers get their heart rate up to around 180 to 190 beats per minute and hold it there for about 35 minutes. Another thing to consider is that they do this twice per day (Original article appeared in DirtBike magazine in 1980). A subsequent study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Sports Performance Complex in 2002 reconfirmed the result with more recent motocross racers. The intense physical demand of motocross derives from the fact that the racer of the bike must keep complete control of a 200+ pound bike, while also maintaining their top speed throughout the race.

How many points are Warhammer Spider Riders worth?

Spider Riders are 13 points a piece, and come with a spear and shield. You can give them a short bow for an additional point.

Motocross Apparel?

Motocross apparel has hit the fashion scene with full force. No longer just for motorcyclists, motocross apparel appeals to men and women from all backgrounds. In particular, motocross t-shirts have become a hot ticket fashion item for those with style. The motorcross style can be described as loud, abrasive, and fun. Many motocross t-shirts have pictures of raunchy women and witty sayings on them. There is something unabashed about the style of motocross t-shirts. Motocross t-shirts are usually quite affordable, so they make a nice addition to any wardrobe that needs a little spice. Motocross t-shirts run about $10 to $20. Board shorts are also an essential part of motocross apparel. Even though board shorts are meant for the beach and pool, they look great out on the motocross field. Because board shorts have a loose fit, motocross drivers find them comfortable to wear on the tracks. They also let a driver's body to feel the air and cool breezes, which make riding a pleasant experience. In addition to being unabashed, comfort is a priority in motocross style. At the race tracks, glamour is not the name of the game. Many motocross drivers simply enjoy wearing a hoodie or t-shirt with a pair of board shorts. Even at competitions, it is not uncommon to see riders wearing a hoodie from their favorite brand. Some motocross drivers are sponsored by companies, so they may be wearing apparel from a corporate brand. The key to choosing the right look for motocross apparel is having a laid back attitude. The sport of motocross is not about appearances, so riders can not appear to care to much about fashion and appearances. Going for a comfortable look is the best strategy for truly looking like a professional motocross driver. One other key part of the motocross wardrobe is choosing the right shoes. DC is one of the leading brands and makers of shoes for motocross riders. One wants to buy shoes that are fitted and comfortable. If shoes are too loose, then a rider risks losing a shoe during a riding session. This can be very dangerous, as the foot is exposed to the raw motor of a bike and gasoline emanating from the bike. Shoes protect a person's feet from the harsh elements they face in a riding session. One should never wear flip flops on motocross racing tracks, since they leave feet unprotected.

Are dirt bike racers the most atheletic people in the world?

Many say yes, some say no, some say Soccer is #1, while others say Motocross is #1, myself I think Motocross is, think about it, wrestling your weight, and the weight of the bike around and maintaining absolute balance and control for well over 30 minutes, nonstop, no breaks, no walking, no substitutions, or waiting for penalties, etc., top level Motocross riders have the best conditioning in the world.

Motocross rider Ryan Villipoto?

Ryan Villipoto is a famous motocross racer who won the 2011 title and many many more titles

How many riders are on the line for an outdoor motocross race?

This varies wildly. For an Elite league team, there are 7 "places" for riders. Usually all 7 will attend a meeting, but in the event of an injury, Rider Replacement strategies (where one of the other 6 riders covers his heats) is in place, or another rider may "guest" in his spot. For other competitions this can change. Such as World Cup, there are 5 riders, Team Pairs there are 2 riders per team.

Who is the fastest motocross rider in the world?

There are several extremely talented motocross and supercross riders. Jeremy McGrath is considered the king of supercross, and was a star in his time. There are many talented riders today including James Stewart, Justin Barcia, Davi millsaps, and Chad Reed. But overall, Rickey Carmichael is regarded the greatest of all time (the G.O.A.T) as he won a unheard of 10 championships with 3 undefeated seasons. In essence, he is considered the best motocross rider. In endurocross racing, David Knight is a strong rider that is extremely talented. in FMX, many consider Travis Pastrana to be the greatest because of his style and ability to perfect tricks none others can such as the double backflip.

How many pages does Riders in the Chariot have?

Riders in the Chariot has 643 pages.

How many bull riders are there in a contest?

there are 26 bull riders in a contest.

Where in southern California can you buy a headstone?

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