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I would say Bobby Allison @ Talladega in 1987, another notable one was Richard Petty, but his was more of a twirl against the fence, yet very dramatic, you also have to consider Geoffrey Bodine's truck flip @ Daytona in 2000 and Ricky Craven's flip @ Talladega in 1996.

And you also have to consider the person is asking for a record number of flips, but think of Michael McDowell's crash at Texas at the 2008 Samsung 500 qualifying, and Kyle Busch's flip at Talladega in 2007 in the Aarons 312. McDowell's was 8 flips, I think Busch's was 8 too.

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The most flips in NASCAR history was 17 flips. In 1971, Maynard Troyer went over 100mph and barrel rolled all the way until the car stopped. Also, the 17 flips was under 7 seconds. you can search the crash on YouTube, you would be horrified. I must say it might also be the most brutal crash in NASCAR HISTORY. By the way, I'am glad to answer.

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Q: What is the record for the most flips in a single Nascar crash by one driver?
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