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Q: What former NASCAR drivers two sons Clifford and Davey died within a year of each other. 230 points?
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What is NASCAR about?

NASCAR is about millions of watching their favorite drivers try to win races and a overall points championship.

What are the standings in the Nascar points out of all drivers in 2010?

Click on the link below to see the current Nascar Sprint Cup Series points standings.

How do the drivers qualify for the NASCAR championship?

The top 10 drivers with the most points after the first 26 races automatically make Nascar's 'Chase for the Sprint Cup'. There are also two wildcard spots available, that would be the two drivers from 11th to 20th place in points who have the most wins.Let's say three drivers from 11th to 20th place have two wins each after the 26 races. The two drivers with the most points of the three would qualify for the wildcard spots.To determine the Nascar Sprint Cup Series winner:Whoever has the most points over the last 10 races of the season is declared the champion.

What is a NASCAR drivers beginning salary?

Their salary is based on where they finish in the points standings at the end of the race for the chase.

What is the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup?

The Chase is the playoff for the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship. The top ten drivers in the points and two drivers with the most wins make it and are the only ones who can win the championship. The points are then reset to 2,000 for each of the twelve drivers. Each driver in the top ten will receive an additional three points for each win they had during the first 26 races. Bonus points will not apply to the two wild-card drivers.

Do the Nascar points go back to 0 for the last 10 races?

No. When the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins, all 12 drivers will have their points reset to 2,000. Each driver in the top 10 who won a race during the season will receive an additional 3 points per win. The wild card drivers will not receive any bonus points.

What does Sprint Cup stand for and who is the sponsor?

It is a league that 43 drivers race against each other on weekend and battle each other for points. It is the top leading racing league in the u.s

Who was 2007 NASCAR points champion?

Jimmie Johnson was the winner with 6,723 points.

What were the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series points standings?

Click on the link below to see the final Nascar Sprint Cup Series points standings.

Who was the leader in points in NASCAR in 1957?

In 1957, Buck Baker was the Nascar Grand National Series champion.

Are NASCAR road races points races?

Yes. In Nascar, whether it is the Sprint Cup Series or the Nationwide Series, the road courses are part of the schedule and points count.

How many race cars are in a Nascar Cup Series race at one time?

Sprint Cup Series - 36 points races (there are also 3 non-points races, which include the Budweiser Shootout, Sprint Showdown and the Sprint All-Star race)Nationwide Series - 33 points racesCamping World Truck Series - 22 points races