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It is because, when Formula One first started, so that they could see who was in the lead, they connected a mirror to a pole, so they see who was in the lead. this lead to the saying "pole position"

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In motor sports, the pole position means that the driver ran the fastest time during qualifying. As a result, the driver will be placed in the very front of the field at the start of the race.

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Pole position is the first (front) position on the starting grid. The driver with the fastest qualifying lap gets to start in pole position.

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When you qualify in the first position for a NASCAR race.

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Q: What does 'pole position' mean in NASCAR?
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What is a pole in NASCAR?

When a driver qualifies in first position he wins "the pole".

Who in Nascar owns a fishing boat named Pole Position?

Mark Thompson

How many times has Jeff Gordon started from the pole position in Nascar?

In his career, Jeff Gordon has started from the pole position 72 times in the Nascar Cup Series and 12 times in the Nationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series).

How many times did Richard Petty win from the pole?

During his Nascar Cup Series career, Richard Petty won 61races starting from the pole position.

How do they find out who goes first in NASCAR?

Nascar holds qualifying a day or two prior to the race and that is how the field is set. The pole winner for that day will start in the first position for the race. If qualifying is cancelled, the field is set by owners points.

How many Nascar Cup Series pole awards has Jeff Gordon won?

Jeff Gordon has won 74 pole awards in the Nascar Cup Series.

Who is the oldest driver to win a pole in Nascar?

Harry Gant

In which position is the person who qualifies to start a motor race from the front?

Historically, the pole position, which is given to the top qualifier, is the front, inside. However, NASCAR has recently changed their ruling, to allow the top qualifier to choose which position he want, be it front inside, or outside.

If Tony Stewart got moved from first to last place before the race who wins the Nascar pole position?

If Tony Stewart won the pole and had to start at the rear of the field due to a mechanical failure, accident in practice etc., Tony is still credited as the pole winner for the race. The third place car will then move up in line to start the race in the first position.

Where can the pole sitter in NASCAR start?

The pole sitter in Nascar has a choice of starting on the inside or the outside of the front row. It depends on whether the driver likes the high line or the low line for that specific track.

How much did Dana make in the Daytona race?

Danica Patrick is the first woman NASCAR driver to win the pole (the number 1) position at the Daytona 500 race in February 2013. She finished the race in the 8th position winning approximately $389,464.

When did Pole Position II happen?

Pole Position II happened in 7800.