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If Tony Stewart won the pole and had to start at the rear of the field due to a mechanical failure, accident in practice etc., Tony is still credited as the pole winner for the race. The third place car will then move up in line to start the race in the first position.

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Q: If Tony Stewart got moved from first to last place before the race who wins the Nascar pole position?
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Where did Tony Stewart finish in his first Nascar Cup Series race?

Tony Stewart's first Nascar Cup Series race was the 1999 Daytona 500. He finished in 28th position.

What does 'pole position' mean in NASCAR?

When you qualify in the first position for a NASCAR race.

When was Tony Stewart's first Nascar Cup race win?

Tony Stewart's first NASCAR Sprint Cup victory came at Richmond on September 11, 1999. It was his 25th start.

Who won the 2009 Nascar All-Star race?

Tony Stewart won the 2009 Nascar All-Star race. His first win with Stewart-Haas Racing!

When did Tony Stewart start racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

Tony Stewart's first Nascar Cup Series race was the Daytona 500 on February 14, 1999.

Who won the pole position in the first Talladega Nascar race?

Bobby Isaac won the pole position in the first Nascar race at Talladega Superspeedway in September 1969, with a speed of 196.386.

When did Tony Stewart become a Nascar driver?

Tony Stewart first raced in Nascar during the 1996 season. During that year, he competed in the Busch Series on a limited basis and also started one Truck Series race. Stewart began his Nascar Cup Series career on February 14, 1999. He drove the full schedule in his first season.

What is a pole in NASCAR?

When a driver qualifies in first position he wins "the pole".

Who won the nascar championship in 2014?

Kevin Harvick with his first season with Stewart-Haas Racing.

Who finished first in the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series championship?

In 2011, Tony Stewart won the Nascar Sprint Cup Series championship. He and Carl Edwards ended the season tied in points, but Stewart had more wins.

How long has Tony Stewart been racing in Nascar?

Tony Stewart's first Nascar race was in the Busch Series on February 17, 1996. It is now known as the Nationwide Series. He also drove in his first Truck Series race on August 1, 1996. In 1999, Stewart started driving in the Cup Series full time.

What kind of car did Tony Stewart start Nascar Cup racing in?

In 1999, Tony Stewart first drove in the Winston Cup Series, driving a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Who was the first NASCAR driver?

I'm not sure, since this question can not be answered, since the first Nascar race featured multiple drivers. Red Byron was Nascar's first champion. Some people may say Lloyd Seay was the first Nascar driver, but he died two years earlier, before the birth of Nascar at Daytona.

How do they find out who goes first in NASCAR?

Nascar holds qualifying a day or two prior to the race and that is how the field is set. The pole winner for that day will start in the first position for the race. If qualifying is cancelled, the field is set by owners points.

Who was NASCAR first rookie of year?

The first NASCAR rookie of the year was Blackie Pitt.

What was the first NASCAR trophy?

The first Nascar trophy was awarded to Red Byron. He won the 1949 Nascar Strictly Stock Series championship.

What is NASCAR Tony Stewart's nickname?

Smoke. He got it from his dirt track days when he first started racing midgets and he would "smoke" his back tires during the starts.

When was the first NASCAR race?

The first Nascar race was held on June 19, 1949 at Charlotte Speedway.

What is the first year NASCAR was televised?

The first known telecast of Nascar was in 1960 and it was the Daytona 500 race.

Who was the first African American NASCAR driver?

Wendell Scott was the first African American Nascar driver.

Who was the first Canadian NASCAR driver?

Allen Heath of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was the first Canadian Nascar driver.

In what position did Dale Earnhardt Jr. finish his first career Nascar race at Darlington Raceway?

Dale Jr. finished in 40th position in his first Cup race at Darlington Raceway. It was the 400, held on March 19, 2000.

Was Ralph Earnhardt the first Earnhardt in NASCAR?

Yes, he was. Ralph Earnhardt's first Nascar race was on November 11, 1956.

How do you win the pole in NASCAR?

A driver wins the pole in Nascar for having the quickest time on qualifying day. If qualifying is rained out, the driver who is leading the point standings going into that race will start in the first position. But it will not count as a pole award win.

When did Bill France Sr. first introduce NASCAR racing?

Bill France Sr and a group of local track owners first conceived NASCAR in 1948, but the first NASCAR race wasn't until 1949.