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When a driver qualifies in first position he wins "the pole".

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Q: What is a pole in NASCAR?
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What does 'pole position' mean in NASCAR?

When you qualify in the first position for a NASCAR race.

How many Nascar Cup Series pole awards has Jeff Gordon won?

Jeff Gordon has won 74 pole awards in the Nascar Cup Series.

How do you win the pole in NASCAR?

A driver wins the pole in Nascar for having the quickest time on qualifying day. If qualifying is rained out, the driver who is leading the point standings going into that race will start in the first position. But it will not count as a pole award win.

Where can the pole sitter in NASCAR start?

The pole sitter in Nascar has a choice of starting on the inside or the outside of the front row. It depends on whether the driver likes the high line or the low line for that specific track.

Who won the pole position in the first Talladega Nascar race?

Bobby Isaac won the pole position in the first Nascar race at Talladega Superspeedway in September 1969, with a speed of 196.386.

Who is the oldest driver to win a pole in Nascar?

Harry Gant

Who won the pole for the first ever NASCAR race?

The first Nascar race was held at Charlotte Speedway on June 19, 1949. Bob Flock won the pole and Jim Roper won the race.

Who in Nascar owns a fishing boat named Pole Position?

Mark Thompson

How many times has Jeff Gordon started from the pole position in Nascar?

In his career, Jeff Gordon has started from the pole position 72 times in the Nascar Cup Series and 12 times in the Nationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series).

Who is the fastest NASCAR driver?

In 1987, Bill Elliott took the pole at Talladega with a speed of 212.809 mph!!

How many pole sitters have won Nascar races?

there is too many to say but i will say around 500

What percentage does the pole winner win the race?

22 percent of the whole ,the pole winner win the race. This takes place in races like NASCAR and DAYTONA . They are car races .

How many times did Richard Petty win from the pole?

During his Nascar Cup Series career, Richard Petty won 61races starting from the pole position.

When was Tony Stewart's last Nascar Cup Series pole?

2011, for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

What is the name of the person who starts a Nascar race?

The Pole Sitter. I believe they're called a "Flagman/person"

What is the name of a person who starts a NASCAR race?

The Pole Sitter. I believe they're called a "Flagman/person"

How do they find out who goes first in NASCAR?

Nascar holds qualifying a day or two prior to the race and that is how the field is set. The pole winner for that day will start in the first position for the race. If qualifying is cancelled, the field is set by owners points.

Who is the only driver to win 3 consecutive Winston cup championships?

Cale Yarborough The only NASCAR Winston Cup driver to win three consecutive championships (1976, '77 and '78), Cale Yarborough earned 83 NASCAR Winston Cup victories and 70 pole positions in a career that spanned four decades. His win total places him fifth on the all-time list, and his pole position total is the third-most in NASCAR Winston Cup history.

How many pole sitters have also won Nascar Cup Series races on the same weekend in 2011?

Through race #19 of the 2011 season, only Nascar Cup Series driver Ryan Newman won the pole and the race on the same weekend, that was at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during July 15th through the 17th. On July 9th, Kyle Busch won the Cup Series race in Kentucky after being awarded the pole due to qualifying being rained out. The starting lineup was set by owner's points.

Who won 1997 Phoenix NASCAR race?

Dale Jarrett won the 1997 Dura Lube 500 a Phoenix International Raceway. Bobby Hamilton started from the pole.This race is famous for being the last win in NASCAR by a Ford Thunderbird. Ford teams switched to the Ford Taurus in 1998.

If Tony Stewart got moved from first to last place before the race who wins the Nascar pole position?

If Tony Stewart won the pole and had to start at the rear of the field due to a mechanical failure, accident in practice etc., Tony is still credited as the pole winner for the race. The third place car will then move up in line to start the race in the first position.

Is NASCAR better than basketball?

nascar basketball is gay nascar is the best

How old is NASCAR?

Nascar was born in 1948. NASCAR celebrates its 63rd season in 2011.

How do you spell NASCAR?

NASCAR IS SPELLED National Association Stock Car Auto Racing that would be the longer way of spelling Nascar

Who makes flags for NASCAR racetracks?

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