How much does a track measured?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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You mean the distance around the track. Officially that should be 400 meters, though there are exceptions made at some tracks.

A local school might build an odd distance track due to space limitations, or, particularly in the USA there are legacy imperial tracks that are 440 yards remaining. Since most meets are conducted in metric distances, in these situations you would see extra start or finish lines painted in lane one of the track to compensate.

Technically, the outside edge of the white line around the inside of a track should be about 399.37 meters, or the outer edge of a raised curb around the track would be 399.06 meters. The measurement rules measure the distance 20 cm or 30 cm into the track, where the center of the runner might be if they were running the shortest possible (legal) course (not stepping on or inside the line, not stepping on the curb).

The further you go away from the center of a circle, the greater the distance around the perimeter. Meaning when you move out from the line or the curb, possibly into other lanes, you are going further. Each lane thus has a staggered start line, so runners who stay in an outer lane are given a head start to compensate. All runners starting at the proper lines ultimately run the same distance.

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In Track and Field, measurements are done in meters.

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Depending on the track,

Indoor- 200m

Outdoor- 400m or 440m

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Q: How much does a track measured?
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