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Q: What is the fewest number of countries needed to manufacture a soccer ball and a pair of shin guards?
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What is the fewest wins needed to win a tennis match?

The points needed to win a game is 4, but there are 6 games in a set. So the fewest number of points needed is 24 points.

What are the fewest number of coins needed to produce any change value between 0.01 and 0.49?

8 is the fewest number of coins needed between $0.01 and $0.49?

What is the fewest number of coins needed to make 1.06?


What is the fewest number of seismic stations needed to locate an earthquakes epicenter?

At least three seismic stations are needed to locate an earthquake's epicenter using the triangulation method. By measuring the time it takes for seismic waves to reach each station, scientists can pinpoint the epicenter where the three circles intersect.

What is the fewest number coins needed to make 10 cents?

Just one, a dime.

Are shin guards needed to play an official game of soccer?

Oh yes they are needed for protection.

What is the fewest number of seismographs stations that are needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?

Three seismographs stations are needed to pinpoint the location of the epicentre of an earthquake.

What is the fewest number of coins needed to make 39 cents?

4 pennies, 1 quarter, and a dime.

Do you need a professional to install gutter leaf guards?

No a professional is not needed. You can install gutter leaf guards yourself with the right tools and supplies.

What is the fewest number of strings needed to string a tennis racket?

Two strings are needed to string a tennis racket. The length of the string is to be about 11 to 12 meters.

Why didn't the industral revolution have the guillotine?

The Industrial Revolution was the shift from manual manufacture (artisanry and handicrafts) to mechanized manufacture (machine construction and production). It was not a violent revolution or overthrow of authority. As a result, no guillotine was needed. (However, guillotines already existed in most countries undergoing the industrial revolutions.)

Why is tourism so important to Switzerland?

Because, when the pope needed body guards the Swiss offered to be there body guards, so, the pope sent money to Switzerland!