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The points needed to win a game is 4, but there are 6 games in a set. So the fewest number of points needed is 24 points.

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Q: What is the fewest wins needed to win a tennis match?
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How do you play match point tennis?

Match point is played just like any other point in tennis, where the server must serve into the opposite service box on the receiver's side, but if the person with the match point wins the point, the match is over.

What is a rubber in tennis?

a rubber is only in Davis cup. A rubber is basically a match. If someone wins a match in Davis cup that means they won a rubber.

How does a tennis match start?

by one person serving the ball over to the other side and play the game to see who wins

What is that song where a tennis match is played and the guy is getting flogged then the one he loves walks in and he wins?

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Why are some tennis matches won in two sets only?

Because the match is best of 3. Who ever wins two sets wins the game. This is done in Women's singles, and the doubles.

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Who won the tennis match between Emma and sutton on the lying game?

Sutton wins because Emma for fits the game to go see Theyer

Who wins the finals in prince of tennis?

Seigaku wins the final

How can you win in tennis?

Yes. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins the match. Then the person who wins the most matches is the winner.The points go in this order:Love (for 0)153040However, the original scores were Love, 15, 30, 45, and 60 - but has been changed over the years.

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How many points gets NADAL if he wins today the tennis us open final match?

You will gain 2000 points if you win one of the four majors.

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