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Oh yes they are needed for protection.

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Q: Are shin guards needed to play an official game of soccer?
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What to bring to a soccer game?

- Your uniform - Soccer Socks - Cleets - Shin Guards - Water

Who is the official time keeper in soccer game?

The referee is the official time keeper in a soccer match.

What clothing and equipment are needed to play soccer?

The bare minimum: you need a field, soccer ball and something to form goal posts. For a more detailed experience, you need a soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards; ankle guards are optional, your team jersey, matching team socks, and soccer shorts. Well if you are just gently playing with your dad or someone in your yard you can probably get away with just a ball and your runners. But if you are playing a game on a team, you will need: *Cleats *Shin guards *ankle guards (optional) * your jersey * Soccer socks it is optional, but wrist guards, and a mouth guard. (Not very common)

What game is the national game of Spain?

Spain does not have an official national game. Soccer is the most popular sport.

What are things used in a soccer game?

cleets, shin guards, knee high socks, jerseys. shorts, and of course, a soccer ball.

What must each player wear during a soccer game?

Cleats/boots, shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards, and every one in the game must have at least a matching jersey.

Are Soccer shin guards good?

Soccer shin guards are necessary and very important if you want to enjoy playing soccer for a long time. Doesn't matter whether is just a pick up game or league game. A back hit to the shins can really hurt you, and if it with the cleat they easily open the the skin and leave you with a big nasty cut. I speak from experience, i never ever not wear shin guards.

In an official game of soccer how many times players are allowed to play?


What are the equipments needed in soccer game?

a ball, shin pads, and boots

Can a soccer coach stop the game?

No, they can't. The match official (mostly the referee) has the power to do that.

What is the reqirements for soccer?

For a soccer game you definitely need the following...Shin GuardsCleatsSoccer Ball (not mandatory but most coaches prefer it if you bring one)Team JerseyMost city leagues and school leagues require all students/players to wear shin guards not only during a game but during practice. Most people wear soccer socks over the shin guards

What is the least amount of officials needed at a football game?

In football (soccer) it is 4

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