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no this will not improve the length of your backhand spring sit ups and crunches are more likely to improve the length of you're backhand spring

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Q: Will doing 35 pushups every other day increase the length of your backhand spring?
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How can you get a good backhand spring and splits in gymnastics?

Lots of practice

What is the increase in length of a spring when a force is applied called?

The increase in length of a spring when a force is applied is called "extension." This phenomenon occurs due to Hooke's Law, which states that the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied to it.

Is it possible to do a backhand spring in 1 month?

yes if you practies alot and try youre best

How do you get a backhand spring in 2 months?

A backhand spring is actually very easy, so easy that anyone can do it. No matter how scared, or brave, fat, or skinny. You have to have guts and be determined on what you want. Your arms have to be locked, and your body has to be tight. Not strait, but tight so it will be easier to get over.

Can you learn a backhand spring in less than a week to impress your gymnastics teacher but is there anyway that to learn at home without equipment?

First of all it depends what level you are at. If you can already do backhand springs on a trampoline, on an incline, or with spot then getting it on floor will be easier. However if you are basically starting from scratch it will be harder. try practicing: going into your starting position for backhand spring then jumping back on to something like your bed. Also if you check youtube there may be videos that teach you how. ...i hope this helped you because i remember when i was learning my backhand spring and how hard i thought it was, but when you get it it's actually pretty easy :) GOODLUCK AND DOBN'T GIVE UP!! :)

What skills are needed for a cheerleader to tumble?

You need a back-flip round off backhand spring cartwheel and all that

What do you learn in level 4 gymnastics?

you learn all different things. my favorite is round off backhand spring

Length of the spring is halved then the spring constant becomes?

If the length of the spring is halved, the spring constant remains the same. The spring constant is determined by the material and shape of the spring, and is not affected by changes in length.

Length of spring 6mm what is the extension spring?

multiply the force with length.

The length of a spring is a linear function of the amount of mass hanging from it For a particular spring the length increases at the rate of 3 centimeters for each pound of mass When a 5-pound mas?

For a 5-pound mass, the length of the spring will increase by 15 centimeters (5 pounds * 3 centimeters/pound). This relationship shows that the length of the spring is directly proportional to the amount of mass hanging from it.

If length of spring is halved spring constant becomes?

The spring constant remains the same regardless of the length of the spring. It is a physical property of the spring material and design, representing its stiffness. Cutting the length of the spring in half will not change its spring constant.

Do you have to know how to do a back hand spring or back tuck to get into southern high school team?

I'd say yes, you'd have to have a backhand spring atleast. A back tuck would obviously give you more points to get you on the squad. It would depend on how good your tumbling is if you don't do a back tuck or backhand spring. Let's say you do a backwalkover. If it is really well and you do it 3 times in a row, then that could bump up your points to get on. Hope this helped!