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yes if you practies alot and try youre best

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โˆ™ 2011-04-26 21:42:01
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Q: Is it possible to do a backhand spring in 1 month?
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HOW TO DO round off back hand spring back tuck?

Learn how to do a 1.Back-handspring 2.Round-off 3. Round-off back handspring 4.Back Tuck 5. Standing Back-handspring back tuck 6. running round of back handspring back tuck 1. Learn to do a round off backhandspring. 2. Go on tumbler track and learn to do a backhand spring back tuck ( when coming out of backhand spring into back tuck rebound high, arms by ears tuck, grab your legs together, and go backward.) You should know how to do all of this before attempting. Like a backhand spring, roundoff and backhand spring backtuck connected but just connect it.

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