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A Table Tennis bat requires one of the sides to have a red rubber and the other to have a black rubber. A player is not required to have the same rubber on either side of the bat such that each side of the bat reacts differently. One side may be a high spin rubber while the other acts as an anti-spin. By making each side of the bat a different colour lets an opponent know how the rubber will react when hit off it.

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Table tennis bats are red and black so people can tell which rubber they hit it with. Advanced players play with different types of rubber on each side of their bat. Say,mine with a lot of spin and one without much. People used to have both rubbers the same colour and think there was heavy spin on the ball when their wasn't any. The spectators sometimes abused the players for missing easy shots, so the colours were changed in order for everyone to tell which rubber it bounced off.

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Q: Why is the bat of table - tennis red and black?
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What are the colours of a table tennis bat?

I am pretty sure that it is red and black but i think someone needs to correct me on that onee ;) :/

In table tennis can you use a red and black paddle?

Since 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one side of the racket shall be bright red and the other side black.

What are the two colours of rubber allowed in table tennis racket?

Red and Black

Are players in table tennis allowed to use a red and black paddle?

Since 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one side of the racket shall be bright red and the other side black.

Why is there red and black sides on a table tenis bat?

One for control one for speed

Can a table tennis racket with both color red be used in tournaments?

Yes, as long as it conforms to the rules of the Table Tennis Association.

What are the specific tools will be used in the game table tennis?

normal basement table tennis : table tennis ball, rackets, table, shoes (maybe) (all from walmart or such) professional level: 3 star table tennis balls, specific rackets chosen to fit ones style, table tennis shoes with rubber non-marking soles, scoreboards, professional tables, and much more equipment used by referees i.e. yellow/red cards

What is a ghost serve?

It's a serve in table tennis. you start to serve with the rubber for forehand (red) pointing at you. Throw up the ball and move the bat parallel to the end of the table (with the rubber the same way). bring it back to you at speed, but flick your wrist to point at the target. NOTE: there are many variations of this serve

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it is red because it is made for different types of court

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What is the difference between the two sides of a ping pong patel?

The differences between the two sides of a ping pong "patel" as you refer to it ( in table tennis terms it is called a "racket") is that the same rubber can be used on both sides...or...two different types can be used. Some types of table tennis rubber are used for more spin while others are used for less spin. Either way, in official competition, one side must be red and the other side black. Red and black were chosen because they are more easily reckonized.

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